We provide you the most affordable South Carolina SEO services so that you can get better results with your campaign by spending a smaller sum of money. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune with SEO services if you come to the right people. Instead, you need the right efforts to ensure that you get high quality traffic and genuine leads that would convert.
Keywords are the key to your search engine optimization efforts as they would be driving all the traffic your way. We perform an intelligent keyword research based on your industry, niche and your unique business as well. We analyze what your customers search for and then select the keywords that will really work for your business. This will bring high quality of web traffic your way.
Search engine optimization works for all the companies that know the ins and outs of this industry. You probably found us by entering a search query in the search engine. This is exactly how simply and effectively SEO works. As a trusted Charleston SEO company our campaigns will help you get the most exceptional results with your SEO strategy.

With us, you can –

  • Stop worrying about your Google rankings.
  • Get more reliable search engine optimization results
  • Get high quality traffic that will really convert into real leads.
  • Become an authority in your preferred niche and industry
  • Produce geo-targeted SEO results.
  • Get to the top 5 results of Google SERP.
  • Make more profits.
The MW Digital Marketing is completely different from what you have seen till date. We are not a ‘quick result’ providing black hat SEO firm. Instead, we rely on time tested SEO strategies that provide great results in the long run. Our strategies are always compliant with the search engine algorithms and because we depend on quality content, your website will never be blacklisted or penalized by Google.

Good quality search engine optimization takes time. This time can usually be 3-6 months long. During this time, we create the ideal keywords based strategy for you which is executed with the help of well-crafted content published on your website. Once done, your website will be able to enjoy great quality traffic and leads from the search engines. Your phone will start ringing and your mailbox will be filled with lead requests. With us, you can achieve whatever marketing results you want within your budget. No lies, no false claims. Only genuine work.

We will be utilizing awesome content to make your website look relevant and get more views. We integrate content marketing, Google AdWords marketing and even social media and video marketing campaigns to provide more authority to your website. This is why we can promise you great quality traffic. Not only this, our multi-channel SEO will ensure that your audience is not only directed to your website, but it also interacts with your website. This helps building engagement and increasing the authority of your business online.
We provide all our clients private one-on-one consultation services because of which we understand their needs better. As a result of this, all our campaigns are designed specifically for our clients. Our experts will provide you with great insights into your industry which will improve your future SEO campaigns will also increase interactivity. We will make sure that create a virtual brand for your business so that it always gains traffic.

Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

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Some Words From Our Clients

After working with another company and getting hosed (I paid them for a year with no results) I contact MW and talked with James about taking my furniture business to the next level After about 2 month he had one of my keywords on the top of the front page! I have been using him ever since going on 3 years now and I rank #1 -#3 for the top keywords in my area, google is now 16% of my total retail each month!
CJ Hirschman
James is awesome! he helped my online presence go from non existent to now ranking in the top 1-5 spots in my market competing against big brands like Ashley furniture and american freight!
Matt Bach

Our Proven Process, Produces Results

1. Web Design

2. On Page Optimization

3. Content Implementation

4. Social Media Share

5. Link Acquisition

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The Need For Web Development

Every day a lot of websites are built but only a few of them surface up to become really popular. There are a lot of reasons why your website will lead a forgotten life. There is one step which can take your website to become a top notch competitor in its niche. You need a great Charleston web design to give a launch pad to your business. MW Digital Marketing provides you web development solutions to give your website the X-factor to make it stand out in the crowd.

Thus your site gets a lot more traffic and gets more leads to generate the much needed profit. We will not only help you in achieving your goals but will also guide you to get better outputs with our years of expertise in this industry.


The best support for startups and small businesses


  • Specific products for uplifting your scale of production


The first step to attract you customers is being really confident about your web design Charleston SC.


A good looking website will get your customers to feel easily attracted towards your product. If your website has sharp designs, cool features and good quality graphics and colors, then the potential consumers assumes you as a true professional. We always give attention to detailing and taking your website a step ahead of what you might have actually thought off.


The professional at MW Digital Marketing are really open to new ideas and concepts that make your website one of a kind, thus giving you the best look you might have been looking for.  This detailed version of what you are will let people believe in what you can do.


  • Easy to use


With years of experience we have come to the conclusion that the easier the site is to use the more people it will attract. There are millions of websites which roll downhill just because their page is not functional or simply irresponsive. The more responsive and clean your website becomes, the better audience capacity it holds.


The audience gets easily frustrated even with unusable buttons so make sure that your competitor does not take away your traffic. When you will have MW Digital Marketing service with you the chances of such disheartening moments will literarily go down to minimum.



  • Being to the point


Your Charleston web design tells what you are but is does not mean that it should filled with extra content making it look messy and gross. You should stick to the basic questions of what your company is about and how are you different. The answers to these questions are enough to make your client trust you. The professionals of our Charleston web development team give these answers in the most appropriate manners with different add-ons if necessary. This will convert all the traffic into the very important leads.


  • Throughout management


We not only build you a better website but also give you services to manage you website throughout its career. We mark our expertise in managing websites and administer them so that they look in best shape every time someone opens them. From adding new data to content or joining to the social networks, we do it all.


So don’t waste time and contact our team of competent professionals at Charleston SEO company who really know what they are doing.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when done organically, can bring high quality traffic your way. This is done by ensuring that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rank your website higher and send quality traffic your way. Though SEO can be performed through black hat tricks as well, it is often not rewarding. Only organic SEO brings great results your way. This is done by filling unique content on your website that brings great results, even when search engines change their algorithms.

Your Charleston web design should be loaded with good content and intelligently selected keywords so that it provides great results. Apart from this, you should be analyzing the websites of your competitors too.

Millions of internet users search for the keywords of their choice. More than 91% click on the first link. By employing the tactics mentioned above, we can ensure more leads for your website. Our goal is to rank you higher on all search engines and drive more traffic and leads your way. Our services speak for themselves. This is why all our clients prefer to stick with us.

Let us take a look at the process we employ for doing the perfect SEO job for you.

Keywords research

The process begins with the Charleston SEO company finding the right keywords for your target audience. The right keyword that resonates with your audience will bring more quality traffic your way than hundreds of randomly chosen keywords. Selecting keywords that really help you forward your goal will bring in better returns on your digital marketing investments. We ensure that all your keywords are chosen to match your marketing efforts.

Analyzing competitor websites

Every minute, thousands of new web pages are added to the internet and each one of them increases the level of digital competition you will have to face. It is important to identify the market leaders who compete with you and perform a SWOT analysis on them. This could reveal a completely new set of untapped opportunities for your website. Our team will analyze your competitors’ website and find out the best plan that could help you reach the number 1 spot and maintain it too.

Link building

Link building has become more difficult for website owners, thanks to Penguin update by search engines. However, instead of denouncing link building altogether, website owners must focus on a small number of high quality links to their website. Here too, quality matters more than quantity. Therefore, we focus on providing a few handpicked, real and authentic backlinks to our clients. We have built quality backlinks for the clients through hard work and persistence.

Video SEO

All organic SEO efforts are targeted towards quality content and video plays an important role in this effort these days. Search engines are giving more importance to video than ever. Moreover, your on-page SEO reaches a new high with short but engaging videos. We help our customers create video campaigns for our clients so that they can get great results from video and drive even better traffic to their website. Remember, a small video can easily increase the number of visitors to your site and also enhance the time that they spend on your webpage. This will improve your overall page performance too.

Web marketing analytics

We create campaigns that really work for our clients which is proven by our awesome web marketing analytics reports as well. A Google Analytics account is set up on your website so that your website can rank higher and you get real-time data about the traffic you receive. This includes data on the details of traffic being diverted to the website as well as their behavior. This helps us in ensuring that your website performs better and converts even more traffic to quality leads.

Content creation

Google, Yahoo and Bing are very fond of unique and quality content. This is why a content strategy always complements your SEO plans. A quality content copy could easily spearhead your efforts to become the top ranking website in your niche. It would give more authority and quality to your page which is respected by Google. Our writers will design content especially for your audience to enhance engagement and provide better SEO results.

Press releases

When used online, press releases become more potent than ever. A story that conquers news can literally conquer SERPs faster than others. Creating news worthy stories, hence, would be giving an additional boost to your SEO efforts. Moreover, they send high quality traffic to your webpage as well.

Local search optimization

Geographically targeted SEO Charleston SC could be more rewarding that simple SEO where you have to compete with thousands, if not millions, of other webpages for attention. Geo-targeted SEO is great for local businesses that want to create an impact on their customers quickly. Google provides local listings and so does Yahoo. 30% of all clicks go to these local listings on search pages. This is why search engines actively showcase them in the results.

We mentioned a few ways in which we could turbo charge your SEO efforts. So ensure that you get one done for yourself right now!

Are You Utilizing The Potential Of Social Media?

As a modern business, you need to create an impact in the online sphere. Reaching out to your potential customers is essential for your business. The good news is that social media sites have made it easier than ever to reach your target audience and you have social media Charleston SC by your side. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are presenting great new opportunities for businesses to fulfill their business and marketing goals.

Social media can help create a brand identity for your business and can be used effectively to enhance brand visibility on the internet. Not only this, it is also a great tool for sharing content. Another great advantage of social media is that it provides you a wonderful opportunity to interact with your potential and existing customers. This creates lasting connections with your audience.

MW Digital Marketing helps you focus on social media- better than ever

Facebook marketing

Facebook is the largest and most profitable social network in the world. Joining it will give you a chance to connect with thousands of residents in South Carolina who could be interested in your product. You can geo-target your audience to reach specific target audience. With MW Digital Marketing, you will be able to channelize your real Facebook potential and reaching out to your customers. We will create, monitor and manage your Facebook profile and ensure that your audience always remains engaged.

Twitter Marketing

Your Twitter page can open new gates of opportunity for your business when you work with MW Digital Marketing. We keep updating your Twitter page and engage in regular conversations with your potential customers on your behalf. As a result of this, your get to promote your brand and increase your visibility amongst people who matter the most for your business.

Google+ Marketing

Google is undoubtedly ruling the internet and it has its own social network as well. As a business, it would be very rewarding for you to use Google+ because of its seamless integration with all Google services. Google is very keen on understanding user behaviors because of which it has brought out Polisher and Authorship markups as well. Their new protocol will change the way we share content.

We create and manage your Google+ community at MW Digital Marketing. We engage in fruitful conversations with your preferred audience and effectively used Google tools to integrate a seamless working experience for your brand, especially through services like Gmail and YouTube.

Social media marketing comes with tons of benefits

Social search signals

Google is keenly interested in social search and this move by the internet giant is enough to prove that social media is not a novelty would stay here as the norm for personal as well as business connections. The more social your business, the better its impact on search engines as well as your target audience. A strategy built on quality marketing techniques that integrates social media channels like Google+, Twitter and Facebook will open new channels of interaction for your business.

Content sharing and syndication

No marketing campaign can thrive online if it does not have great content. However, only posting content online will not fetch you great results. You will have to bring your audience to the content, market it and ensure that they are engaged to your site. This is how you will get good traffic on site and also reap the rewards. With smart social media integrations, content sharing becomes easier. Moreover, your content is shared with people who really matter to your business. It is a win-win situation.

Building relationships and increasing interactivity

Social media adds a hint of personal touch to all your content which can create solid connections with the audience. Your content will not just be getting more views but your audience will also interact with it. This helps in building stronger relationships with loyal customers and gives an impression of total transparency to the potential customers as well.

Create a great social marketing strategy with MW Digital Marketing.

Publish relevant content. Improve visibility. Build better relationships.


Our services- content marketing

No website owner can deny the fact that the popularity of their website and its ranking on the search engines is based completely on the kind of content it has. So, you have to make sure that you provide and publish content, which is worth your salt for making internet marketing and SEO successful by building a solid groundwork with your clients. There must be genuine and simple content with authentic info both on the internet and on your own web design too.


Without clarifying the direct link of using keywords and setting business goals, we cannot achieve our efforts of creating a successful SEO campaign. To benefit the efforts of website marketing, Charleston SEO company can develop and frame a solid content strategy for your business and other web pages. It will surely drive successful outcomes for your business by creating a new phase of content marketing in a very informative yet entertaining way.


To see most of the achievements of creating website content marketing campaigns, consider the MW Digital Marketing:


Content can build an online authority


Despite the fact that millions of people are using the internet right now, you have to target a particular segment that really bothers about your business. It becomes really difficult to reach the correct spectators and to show what new things you have brought for them. However, this can be easily done by providing relevant and worthy content in which they are interested. Give them precise and to-the-point content they wish for, instead of providing junk and keyword overloaded information.


By providing top-notch content of their interest, you can reach to the correct online audience who respect your efforts and care for what you have for them. Check out what Charleston search engine optimization can do for you.


  • Regular Blogging & Latest Info


Change is universal. Keeping this thing in mind, you cannot just sit idle after adding lots of details and overloaded junk content once and for all. You have to make changes and keep a track about your industry, your audience and your own business on a frequent basis for maintaining your website traffic.

Google and other search engines are fond of current, fresh and ‘real’ valuable content. So publishing regular content should be your preference. When you do this, you keep in sync with the latest trends in blogging and also get to understand the changing needs of your audience better.


  • Introducing Guest Blogs


To get the most beneficial results from fresh content, try guest blogging on other’s blogs. To incorporate an outreach strategy, the internet marketing campaign has to target that audience who can get benefit from your content, like niche websites and guest bloggers. For this, you don’t even have to bother about creating a blog and getting loyal visitors after months of hard work. You can easily utilize the valuable user impression that you might get by blogging on someone else’s platform and getting traction as well as traffic from there.


  • Marketing via Video


Use of creative videos can prove to be a trendy and beneficial way to promote your business. To see the engagement of an audience and search rankings, MW Digital Marketing can help you to promote your ideas, services and products to the people who really matter to you.


You can also make use of our customized marketing video services being provided by the professionals of digital marketing Charleston SC.


How can content marketing be beneficial?


  • Building trust, goodwill and reputation


Being loyal to your work and maintaining a consistent image of your appropriate content on social media pages and websites will show the commitment of your firm. Providing good and authentic info will also create a sense of goodwill and trust among who wish to use and buy your services.


  • Direct referral traffic


If you want to bring direct traffic to your website, services and other blog pages by content marketing. The published and valuable content which users find fruitful can go directly to the linked pages that you want your users to see.


  • Importance of SEO


‘Link Back’ is a term that is considered in the field of content marketing for your websites by Google. It can provide you long lasting value in the search rankings, as quality content designed by Charleston SEO company will always be shown on top of the searches. For building a website’s link authority, a consistent effort in creating good quality of content could be very useful.


So, without any delay, call the MW Digital Marketing, to create a great content strategy for your Internet marketing campaign.