our Clients will receive a weekly report of their rankings customized to target a certain city or zip code. We will track your domain in every aspect! Geo targeting searches become more and more important as google tailors searches to user criteria.

We will use your keywords for new targeting opportunists the went missing when not provided was rolled out for everyone, We take data from multiple sources including our own rank tracking and google analytics data to show what keywords are bringing in the traffic!

Our ranking reports allows you to see as if your searching from a mobile device or desktop. easily see side by side comparisons for each searches.

With the multiple tracking aspects MW Digital marketing can get a complete understanding of how what your visitors are experiencing when they come to your site.

MW digital Marketing is here to save you time. We send you weekly reports of how your site is doing in the search engines. Giving you the business owner an easy to read snap shot of what the big picture is.

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